What are Simple Attacks?

A simple attack can be performed by making a straight attack, a disengage, or a coupe (also known as cut over). Simple attacks are very useful for scoring touches with. To execute a simple attack the fencer performing the action needs to have good timing, distance, speed, technique, and tactics. A great drill to practice your simple attacks would be to practice hitting straight with a lunge on your partner’s step forward. Once you can do this with everyone in the club that you know, move on to the following drill. You are only allowed to hit on a forward step with a cue. The cues are the blade dropping down for a straight attack, the blade sweeping a specific line for disengage, or the blade sweeping any line for coupe. The other rules for this drill are that the fencers partner is only allowed to move forward and the fencers partner must give a cue within 3 steps. Try this with everyone at the club. Make sure you lunge on the step forward with the cue. Any half steps backwards will mess up the timing!