What is your favorite fencing memory of 2009?

I’m interested in knowing what is your favorite fencing memory of 2009. Did you have a great time at a tournament? That lesson when you had your “Ah Hah” moment? Or what if your birthday was special because you had a fencing party?

Leave your favorite memory as a comment below…

2 thoughts on “What is your favorite fencing memory of 2009?”

  1. I have so many memories from this year… being elected Division Chair, my 1st year Coaching Marist College Fencing, but I think my most favorite was the weekend I spent at the Pomme de Terre with all of our fencers. It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again this year.

  2. My favorite fencing type memory would probably be at the Pig Roast. Mostly because after the fencing there was lots of food and games. Anyone that has been to the pig roast knows what I’m talking about. Anyone that hasn’t makes me ask the question “Why not?”

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