The fencing season-does it exist?

Hello all, as the New year has already started it’s already four months behind the actual fencing “season”. But what exactly is the actual fencing season? The idea of a fencing season changes for different people, from a high school team fencer maybe seeing it as the school year,  kids seeing it as whenever they want to go to class, and the competitive athletes who for them it never really stops.

The “actual fencing season” goes usually from September starting with the first NACs and international events, to the beginning of July, usually culminating with our Summer Nationals. Now a season really just tells us when the competitions will be, and from there we base our goals for that time frame. I think what is very important is the understanding of knowing what Your season is, because from there we get the time frame for our goals. What’s very important for those goals is to have some sort of start and end so we measure them, and it does n0t have to be the start and end of the “season”. You can base this off of the calender, or competition schedule, but it all depends on what your goals are and what you want those goals to bring about. Medals, points, a better physic, an ethic? You have to be an individual for yourself, and so does your season.

So what do you want out of this season, and when does it begin?