Drill of the week 5/18/09

Hello Everyone!

Here is this week’s Drill of the week:

Fencer 1 will start in advance lunge distance. They will either make advance lunge and try to hit or two advances lunge and try to hit.

Fencer 2 will pull distance if Fencer 1 makes advance lunge. Fencer 2 will make parry riposte if Fencer 1 makes two advances lunge. Fencer 2 may need a small step back two adjust distance depending on the size of Fencer 1’s advances.

Here is the Saber version of this drill:

Foil and Epee are below this post.

Drill of the Week 4-27-09

Here is the Drill of the Week for 4-27-09.

This week’s drill is tactical in nature. You will fence for a specified time period, however no touches are to be scored. If you do accidentally make a hit you will ignore it and continue fencing.

Foil and Epee will fence for 3 minutes. Saber will fence for 1 minute. When you are done with the drill you should talk about the tactics and technique choices used to come up with better applications or better moments to use them. This is also a great way to assess mistakes in timing and distance.

Remember you are practicing normal scenarios and being forced to continue an action beyond what you would normally do. This will require endurance and focus. Make sure you work hard in this drill and you will be greatly rewarded for it.


Drill of the Week!

Hey everyone! We have a new drill of the week that is once again fitting for all 3 weapons.

Here’s the drill:

Fencer A: Makes lunge or advance lunge and tries to hit.

Fencer B: Option 1: On lunge counter attacks and evades being hit by, running away, colapsing distance, ducking, etc.
Option 2: On the advance lunge Fencer B will attack in prep. They can suport the attack in prep with a parry if necessary.

There will be a video to follow this.

Keep in mind this is a basic outline! You can modify the drill of the week to make it easier or more challenging depending on what you need. When you are working on 50/50 drills such as this one, make sure to work with a fencer who can perform their action at a similar skill level.

Drill of the Week

This week we are going to focus on working on Parry Riposte.  The drill is a reaction drill with a goal of making sure that a fencer has good timing on their parry but can also make a change of decision if it is needed.

It is strongly recommended that you work this drill against fencers of varying skill levels as it is a 50/50 drill.  Both sides will improve the action they are working on when drilling this action.
Parry Riposte Drill
Fencer A – Makes straight attack with lunge or compound attack with lunge.
Fencer B – Option 1:  If attack is straight then Fencer B makes parry riposte with no movement as they should have started in the ideal distance.  
Option 2:  If the attack is compounded the action will flow like this:  Fencer A makes 1st part of compound attack; Fencer B makes parry; Fencer A goes around parry; Fencer B steps back while at the same time making another parry.  
Option 3:  If the attack is compounded before Fencer B makes their 1st parry the blade will be going into a closed line.  Fencer B at that point will let the blade go into the closed line and make a riposte.
My recommendation to everyone is do this drill for 5-10 minutes with as many people as you can while you are at the club.  If you practice for 5 minutes with 6 people it’s like getting an extra 30 minute private lesson!