Drill of the Week!

Hey everyone! We have a new drill of the week that is once again fitting for all 3 weapons.

Here’s the drill:

Fencer A: Makes lunge or advance lunge and tries to hit.

Fencer B: Option 1: On lunge counter attacks and evades being hit by, running away, colapsing distance, ducking, etc.
Option 2: On the advance lunge Fencer B will attack in prep. They can suport the attack in prep with a parry if necessary.

There will be a video to follow this.

Keep in mind this is a basic outline! You can modify the drill of the week to make it easier or more challenging depending on what you need. When you are working on 50/50 drills such as this one, make sure to work with a fencer who can perform their action at a similar skill level.

Drill of the Week

This week we are going to focus on working on Parry Riposte.  The drill is a reaction drill with a goal of making sure that a fencer has good timing on their parry but can also make a change of decision if it is needed.

It is strongly recommended that you work this drill against fencers of varying skill levels as it is a 50/50 drill.  Both sides will improve the action they are working on when drilling this action.
Parry Riposte Drill
Fencer A – Makes straight attack with lunge or compound attack with lunge.
Fencer B – Option 1:  If attack is straight then Fencer B makes parry riposte with no movement as they should have started in the ideal distance.  
Option 2:  If the attack is compounded the action will flow like this:  Fencer A makes 1st part of compound attack; Fencer B makes parry; Fencer A goes around parry; Fencer B steps back while at the same time making another parry.  
Option 3:  If the attack is compounded before Fencer B makes their 1st parry the blade will be going into a closed line.  Fencer B at that point will let the blade go into the closed line and make a riposte.
My recommendation to everyone is do this drill for 5-10 minutes with as many people as you can while you are at the club.  If you practice for 5 minutes with 6 people it’s like getting an extra 30 minute private lesson!