Our Mission

Our mission here is to provide the best environment for our athletes to learn and be ready to compete on a national level.  We accomplish this through our many years of teaching experience, individualized lesson planning, and constant analysis of our fencers strengths and weaknesses.

At The Phoenix Center, we believe that you need for elements to create a well rounded fencer:

1) Private Lessons:  This is where our fencers get the one on one attention they need.  Here we can really focus on their growth.

2) Group Classes and Bouting:  This is where our fencers can practice their technical and tactical skills.  They will be able to work with a variety of fencers who have different styles to perfect their skills.

3)  Watching Other Fencers:  This is a critical skill for growth.  Watching other fencers is a great way to develop your tactics and find new applications for a skill.  You can also identify a tough opponent’s weaknesses and strengths for the next time you come across them.

4)  Competitions:  Whether you are competing within the division or nationally, this step is critical to the growth of a fencer.  Here is where you must make quick decisions and apply well trained skills.  This is a great environment for a fencer’s team to work together to achieve a pre-planned goal.

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