Pre-Nationals Camp

We still have a few open slots at our Pre-Nationals camp next week.

This fencing day camp will be coached by Aaron Kandlik and Eric Soyka. Anyone participating at Summer Nationals is welcome. Students should be prepared for multiple private lessons, tactical situations, as well as a lot of bouting.

The Camp will run from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Please pre-register if you plan on attending.

Please check or call/email us for more info.

Poughkeepsie Journal

Did you catch the Article in the Poughkeepsie Journal last Thursday, April 15, 2010? In the Sports Section on page 6C, there is a picture and a small article about our Jr & Cadet Fencers qualifiing for Summer Nationals!

We’d like to see more of this coverage of our sport and fencers. If you could take a moment to call or email the Sports Editor, Dan Peitrafesa, at 845-437-4849 or and let him know that you support local fencers.

Summer National Qualifiers

Summer National Qualifiers were held Sunday at Vassar College. We had a great turnout and would like to thank everyone who came out and fenced. We would also like to congratulate those fencers who qualified to fence at Summer Nationals;

C & under Men’s Foil

Russell Brearley – 1st Place

Dan Raven (Marist) – 2nd Place

Dan McCarthy – 3rd Place

D & under Men’s Foil

David Amrani (Marist) – 2nd Place

Russell Brearley – 3rd Place

C & under Men’s Saber

Ted Nalesnik – 1st Place

Tristan Dubin – 3rd Place

D & Under Men’s Saber

Ted Nalesnik – 1st Place

Tristan Dubin – 2nd Place

We would also like to congratulate James Dolan, Bob Nilsen, & Ian Shultis for their participation in the qualifiers.

Y14 & Cadet Qualifiers were held in March at CDFS

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Men’s Epee – 1st Place

Russell Brearley – Y14 Men’s Foil – 1st Place

James Dolan –  Y14 Men’s Foil – 2nd Place

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Men’s Foil – 3rd Place

Jacob Shultis – Cadet Men’s Epee – 1st Place

Russell Brearley – Cadet Men’s Foil – 2nd Place

James Dolan – Cadet Men’s Foil – 3rd Place

Tristan Dubin – Cadet Men’s Saber – 2nd Place

This years Summer Nationals are being held in Atlanta, GA. We will be traveling down as a club to support all of our fencers who qualified. Stay tuned to the Blog and the Newsletter for more information over the coming weeks! While at Summer Nationals you’ll be able to follow all the action on

Weekly Results

Results for February 8 – 14th, 2010

2/14 – Uriah Jones Memorial Youth Tournament

Russell Brearley – Y14 Mixed Foil – 1st Place

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

Cadet Mixed Epee – 3rd Place

James Dolan – Y14 Mixed Foil – 10th Place

1/30 2010 CDFS Winter Foil

Russell Brearley – D & Under Mixed Foil – 1st Place

Jacob Shultis – D & Under Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

David Amrani – D & Under Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

Russell’s 1st place win on suday was his 4th in a row! Go Redfish!!

Practice makes Permanent!

Hey Everyone!

I thought now would be a great time to talk about one of my favorite quotes from Maestro Ed Richards.  Ed often said “Practice makes permanent.”  His next line would talk about how striving for perfection in practice is what makes you better.  I think this message is universal for all sports.

When we do repetitions of a skill we cement that particular movement within our skill set.  If we are practicing the same error for months or years at a time, that error becomes a habit and that habit becomes difficult to change.  Constantly working on making the action better will lead to more success in the action while we are bouting.

One of the best ways to be able to constantly work on an action is to create scenarios where you always have to pay attention.  Mindless repetitions are the enemy!  We need to work the action against many different situations.  Let’s talk about a few ways to do this.

First we can have a partner (or coach) who can vary the way they make an action.  When someone changes their attacking speed and angle we end up paying more attention to our parries.

The other method is to practice against different people.  These partners will all have different methods of execution which is very similar to one person who can change up the way they make an action.

So the moral of the story is since “Practice makes permanent” we will add variety to the practice to simulate the most realistic scenarios.  This way we have better practice leading to better skills.  By doing this method of practice you will start to become the master of your actions… Permanently!

New Adult Classes

We are happy to announce our new Adult Program starting next month in February. To start off, our new Adult Program is now only $49 a month! The foil class on Monday will be from 7p to 7:30pm followed by two and a half hours of open fencing. Our Epee class will be on Tuesdays from 7p to 7:30pm also followed by open fencing until 10pm. Both classes will feature fencing lessons geared toward the adult who wants to just fence and stab their friends. During the open fencing time we will offer ongoing tournaments. The first of these tournaments will be a Ladder Tournament (see the attached pdf for full rules.)

If you really enjoy fencing, you can take advantage of our unlimited Adult Program and have access to both Foil & Epee classes and receive 2 Private Lessons every month for $99.

Ladder Tournament Rules