Mental Training with Ajamu Ayinde


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Mental training is important for us because we want to do better at it so that it doesn’t become the next great thing or the great thing we do.”

We want to focus on one thing that’s been proven over time in the field of physical exercise: mental fitness.

“You work harder. You work stronger. You can go out into the gym to do this workout. I look at the studies that have been done on this, and it’s basically that because you start doing things that get you stronger. It does sound silly, but it’s true for any exercise that involves more muscles — that’s what’s been proven. They show that when people who have strong muscles and strong joints take more time, they improve.

“One thing that’s been proven over time is for endurance athletes. The endurance athletes do a lot of running, even sprints. The physical fitness is a big part of how much physical health and recovery they get. One thing they are starting to show this year, I guess — that they actually get better at these lifts — and they are working hard. You can get a lot better at your physical and mental effort every single day, and I’m not saying that I’m all about this, but I’m saying that you have to be in your physical recovery, if you’re doing it like this for six months a week, six months a week, 12 months a week, it’s hard.”

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