Summer National Qualifiers

Summer National Qualifiers were held Sunday at Vassar College. We had a great turnout and would like to thank everyone who came out and fenced. We would also like to congratulate those fencers who qualified to fence at Summer Nationals;

C & under Men’s Foil

Russell Brearley – 1st Place

Dan Raven (Marist) – 2nd Place

Dan McCarthy – 3rd Place

D & under Men’s Foil

David Amrani (Marist) – 2nd Place

Russell Brearley – 3rd Place

C & under Men’s Saber

Ted Nalesnik – 1st Place

Tristan Dubin – 3rd Place

D & Under Men’s Saber

Ted Nalesnik – 1st Place

Tristan Dubin – 2nd Place

We would also like to congratulate James Dolan, Bob Nilsen, & Ian Shultis for their participation in the qualifiers.

Y14 & Cadet Qualifiers were held in March at CDFS

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Men’s Epee – 1st Place

Russell Brearley – Y14 Men’s Foil – 1st Place

James Dolan –  Y14 Men’s Foil – 2nd Place

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Men’s Foil – 3rd Place

Jacob Shultis – Cadet Men’s Epee – 1st Place

Russell Brearley – Cadet Men’s Foil – 2nd Place

James Dolan – Cadet Men’s Foil – 3rd Place

Tristan Dubin – Cadet Men’s Saber – 2nd Place

This years Summer Nationals are being held in Atlanta, GA. We will be traveling down as a club to support all of our fencers who qualified. Stay tuned to the Blog and the Newsletter for more information over the coming weeks! While at Summer Nationals you’ll be able to follow all the action on

Weekly Results

Results for February 8 – 14th, 2010

2/14 – Uriah Jones Memorial Youth Tournament

Russell Brearley – Y14 Mixed Foil – 1st Place

Jacob Shultis – Y14 Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

Cadet Mixed Epee – 3rd Place

James Dolan – Y14 Mixed Foil – 10th Place

1/30 2010 CDFS Winter Foil

Russell Brearley – D & Under Mixed Foil – 1st Place

Jacob Shultis – D & Under Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

David Amrani – D & Under Mixed Foil – 3rd Place

Russell’s 1st place win on suday was his 4th in a row! Go Redfish!!

New Adult Classes

We are happy to announce our new Adult Program starting next month in February. To start off, our new Adult Program is now only $49 a month! The foil class on Monday will be from 7p to 7:30pm followed by two and a half hours of open fencing. Our Epee class will be on Tuesdays from 7p to 7:30pm also followed by open fencing until 10pm. Both classes will feature fencing lessons geared toward the adult who wants to just fence and stab their friends. During the open fencing time we will offer ongoing tournaments. The first of these tournaments will be a Ladder Tournament (see the attached pdf for full rules.)

If you really enjoy fencing, you can take advantage of our unlimited Adult Program and have access to both Foil & Epee classes and receive 2 Private Lessons every month for $99.

Ladder Tournament Rules

Phoenix Center Foil Open in a Wrap

This past Wednesday night we held a mid-holiday foil tournament and had great turnout!  Within less than 2 weeks we brought together 15 fencers to make the event a C1 (missed being a B1 by 1 “D” Rated fencer!).  We had some talented fencers attending the event including Ethan Patterson (“A” rated foilist from Gristmill) and William Barnhart (“B” Rated foil fencers from The Phoenix Center).

2 “D” ratings were earned in the competition by Josiah Patterson and Eric Soyka.  William Barnhart and Ethan Patterson met in the Gold Medal Round.  They had a great bout which Will won 15-13.  Will was undefeated in the event scoring a total of 75 touches and getting hit only 31 times.  This gives Will a total indicator of +44!

We certainly hope to hold more events like this in the future!  Keep checking in to find out when we hold more tournaments or to see other people’s views on the tournament.

Check out the results here!

Bergen Saber Open Review

The Bergen Saber Open was this past weekend.  We had 2 of our fencers participate in this event.  Tristan Dubin and Ian Shultis placed 18th and 20th respectively.  This was a tough tournament with competitors like Ben Igoe and Mike Etropolski participating.  Ben is currently 2nd in the country and Mike is currently 10th in the country.

Ian’s first match was easily won, but he had a tough time from there.  Ben Igoe was his second match.  Ian made a good attack in the bout, but Ben’s height advantage and experience proved too much for Ian.  Ian lost his other pool bouts and had to fence Denis Dukhvalov in his first DE.  Ian and Denis had a good match, but Denis pulled ahead in the second period to win.  Denis lost to Ben Igoe in the next DE.

Tristan also won one of his pool bouts and lost the other three.  Tristan’s matches were close and he was making some good actions.  He had a close bout against Adam Lewicki but ended up losing 5-4.  Tristan also had to fence Igor Dukhvalov and Charles Copti.  Tristan’s first DE was against “A” rated saber fencer Andrew Stetsiv.  Tristan scored 7 touches in this bout, but Andrew’s speed and experience was more than Tristan could handle that day.

All in all I would say our fencers did well.  The main goal for them at this event was to practice and that is exactly what they did.  Results can be found here.   You can also see videos from the competition on our YouTube channel.