Phoenix Center Foil Open in a Wrap

This past Wednesday night we held a mid-holiday foil tournament and had great turnout!  Within less than 2 weeks we brought together 15 fencers to make the event a C1 (missed being a B1 by 1 “D” Rated fencer!).  We had some talented fencers attending the event including Ethan Patterson (“A” rated foilist from Gristmill) and William Barnhart (“B” Rated foil fencers from The Phoenix Center).

2 “D” ratings were earned in the competition by Josiah Patterson and Eric Soyka.  William Barnhart and Ethan Patterson met in the Gold Medal Round.  They had a great bout which Will won 15-13.  Will was undefeated in the event scoring a total of 75 touches and getting hit only 31 times.  This gives Will a total indicator of +44!

We certainly hope to hold more events like this in the future!  Keep checking in to find out when we hold more tournaments or to see other people’s views on the tournament.

Check out the results here!

Winter Workshops

We have two great workshops coming up the beginning of January. We have finally been able to get Coach Aaron Kandlik to come out in the winter and share his knowledge with us again. Coach Kandlik is is a Level 4 Coach in all 3 weapons from the USFA Coaches College, a certified Prevost d’Armes and a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Aaron has coached for Vassar College, Northwest Fencing Center and currently is coaching for Oregon Fencing Alliance which is home to Olympic Fencers Mariel Zagunis and Becca Ward.

Now about the workshops… The first will be on January 1st, a Youth workshop, where Coach Kandlik will help fill in the gaps in your fencing. This night will not be all fencing as we also plan to play a lot of fun games too. We like to think of it as a Parents Date night, something every parent needs after the holidays. (There will also be pizza for the kids)

There will also be a Teen Workshop on Saturday January 2nd. This will be a full day of fencing instruction. Coach Kandlik will use the most modern techniques and gear this workshop toward the specific needs of the students who attend.

Check out all the information:

Our Flyer – Winter Workshops with Aaron Kandlik