Benefits of Fencing With Us

We Put Our Athletes First

Fencing is a great sport. If you want you or your child to develop quick decision making skills, good analytic skills, develop athleticism, and have fun while doing it then this is a perfect fit!  When developing an athlete, we pay attention to the entire person and find what works best for them. In other words, we won’t try to fit you to a mold here because we put our athletes first.

We start by developing coordination through games and technical practice. As our athletes develop we develop their ability to perceive timing and distance and teach them to execute moves strategically. With this process our coaches have helped students place on the National Points List, achieve the top ratings possible in the country, and win medals at national tournaments.  Our fencers have also gone on to prestigious colleges and have proven to be great assets to their teams!

We provide a strong team oriented environment where everyone can help contribute to everyone else’s success.  It is our belief that when an athlete wins an event, that victory belongs not only to them, but also to their training partners and the team that supports them.  We encourage you to join us at our club and become part of this amazing team!

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